The MoneyShow San Francisco

San Francisco Marriott Marquis

August 23–25, 2016

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About the Show

Learn about some of the best companies in several of the fastest growing sectors in the world by attending the MoneyShow San Francisco on August 23-25, 2016, at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Receive actionable advice from financial experts as they take a deep dive into sectors that are in the early innings of a multi-decade growth cycle.

The MoneyShow San Francisco features several special events such as the Gilder Telecosm Forum and MoneyShow University. With a heavy focus on disruptive technology, biotech, and millennials, the MoneyShow San Francisco is a can't miss event. Don't delay, register today!

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Sample of Past Topics

Kim Githler

Welcoming Remarks

The chair and CEO of MoneyShow, Kim Githler, welcomes investors to this year's MoneyShow San Francisco and offers a preview of what's ahead over the next two-and-a-half days of the show.


Living with Post-Monetarism: Economic and Market Implications

The Fed has substituted direct regulatory control of credit for the old system of monetarism. Former Bear Stearns chief economist David Malpass will explain the far-reaching implications for growth, inflation, business cycles, and asset prices. There's no going back, so the challenge is to make the best of the new post-monetarist system.


Life After Google: How It Will Affect All Investments in Silicon Valley

One of the tech world's more famous—and controversial—prophets, George Gilder was President Reagan's most frequently quoted living author and serves on the board of directors of several technology companies. In this riveting presentation, he will apply his vast experience and insight into the future state of the Internet and how tech investments will prosper or flounder.

Transforming the Internet: Silicon in the Cloud

Technologist George Gilder and tech-company insiders will discuss how, in the past, the speed of the Internet has been limited by the amount of bandwidth available. Now, new fiber-speed processing in the cloud could change not only the speed, but also the way the Internet operates. This change could have a profound effect on existing business models, have the power to disrupt entire industries, and even fundamentally change the Internet as we now know it.

Gilad Garon


Nayel Shafei

Sandeep Shah



Israel and New Life Science, a Perfect Match

Biotech visionary and serial entrepreneur Martin Gerstel will discuss some recent breakthroughs in life sciences being made in Israel and why he believes these are transitioning life sciences from experimental to predictive sciences, which will change the current state of medicine. Then, Immusoft CEO Matthew Scholz will deliver a response to Mr. Gerstel's keynote and explain the science behind his company's ground-breaking work to "reprogram" human cells to fight diseases on their own. This is a fascinating one-two look into the future of medicine.

Silicon Valley Takes on Wall Street

Disruptive innovations constantly change the way we live our lives, whether it is the Internet changing the way we buy goods and services or smart phones changing the way we communicate. And these innovations present opportunities for savvy investors. In this panel discussion, former Intuit and PayPal CEO Bill Harris and his fellow disruptors will discuss several of the disruptive innovations that are taking place in the financial sector that are sure to change the way we invest in the future. Investing may never be the same again.


Carson Cole


Bill Harris

Joel Marcus

Biotech: The Best of Times

For the past four years, biotech stocks have been the top-performing industry in the S&P 500. But, is the run-up in biotech nearly out of steam or will this sector continue to outperform? In this insightful presentation, biotech-veteran-turned-real-estate-developer Joel Marcus will share his views on the differences in the biotech industry today vs. the early days, the emerging opportunities he sees, and the trends that could fuel the next boom.

Cancer Immunotherapy—The Big Idea!

Cancer is still among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. While the scientific community has made tremendous strides to find a cure for cancer, the "magic bullet" still remains elusive. In this panel discussion, Joel Marcus and his distinguished panelists will discuss how the body, through immunotherapy, might be our best way to fight and overcome cancer. They will also discuss recent developments in cancer immunotherapy and how a breakthrough in cancer care might not be too far in the future.



Joel Marcus


Andy Kessler

Wrap-up Visionary Summation

You've heard lots of exciting new breakthroughs in tech and biotech in the last few hours, but if you can't figure out how to position your portfolio to profit from these innovations, what good are they? Enter Andy Kessler, former hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, and author. He will distill the knowledge and wisdom gained in the last four hours into a compact road map that can help you connect the dots and translate what you've learned today into portfolio profits.

Carver Mead

The New Universe

Microelectronics pioneer Carver Mead, who also holds over 50 US patents and has founded more than 20 companies will discuss how a vast sea change in society is being wrought by modern information technology. Economic, social, political, and enterprise structures and practices will never be the same. Almost unnoticed amongst the babble, a whole new concept of the universe is unfolding.